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About us

We’re a non-profit institution with the purpose of collecting, standardizing and visualizing information about the state of the world, currently and historically.

Mundipedia was born because there was a need for a centralized database for historical information. It’s intended not just as a historical map of the world, where you can just slide to what year you want. It’s intended to show information like historical GDP, populations, the areas where certain languages are spoken.

In short, we want to put a memorable visual representation on top of the world’s historical information while also acting as the curators of this data.

Everything that we’ll collect will be made freely available to anyone, at first through our website and later on through a standardized API.

Aren’t there other websites that do this?

There’s little information that’s not on the internet somewhere. It’s in a multitude of different formats thought: scanned maps, spreadsheets, yet untranslated cuneiform tablets, you name it. The solution we want to be is a platform that gathers all that data and offers a single format for every type of data.

We’re not a wiki (yet)

We don’t accept user data right now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to in the future. One of the main principles of Mundipedia is that the way information is presented can be more important than the actual information. Every single type of data that we’ll store has a different optimal way of presenting it, and that’s why at first we want the people that are inputing the data to be close to the decisions of how it’s displayed.

Using crowdsourcing to generate data has become a panacea for many content platforms, many forgetting how important it is to have a system in place that enforces consistency and quality. Don’t misunderstand us, openness to all voices and sources is extremely important, but we first want to set up an infrastructure that will make sure the end-user hears only a single coherent and high quality voice.

Over time our software will mature, and we plan on opening up for contributors, first to accredited users and then hopefully to everyone.

How we’re funded

We don’t have any income right now, and we’ll be accepting donations soon. We’re still looking for ways to be funded, but whatever happens though, we will stand by our key principles:

• All of our information will remain forever free and without copyright limitations to usage.

• We will never have banners or ads of any kind on our website.

• We will not compromise our content or direction for sponsorships.

Contact us for more

Write to us at if you’ve got any thoughts you want to send our way.

Our team

Mihai Ciucu Founder

Andra Geangu Co-Founder

Adrian Dinu Database Consultant

Catalin Orzanescu Research collaborator

Loredana Branzei Research collaborator

Anamaria Balsadiu Research collaborator

Ana-Maria Holban Research collaborator

Mircea Pavel Research collaborator

Marian Iancu Research collaborator